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New Book by Paul Magrs - The Ninnies 01.06.12

Paul Magrs' new YA novel, The Ninnies (with extensive illustrations by Bret M Herholz) is now available to purchase in hardback from Obverse Books and from the usual online outlets.

Lady Stardust 01.01.2012

The next Iris collection from Obverse Books will be a David Bowie themed anthology. "Lady Stardust" is available as part of the Obverse Quarterly for only 7, or as a standalone book for 9.99. Available in the sumemr of 2012!

Wildtyhme in Purple 23.11.2011

The latest Iris short story collection, from Obverse Books, has now been released. Purple prose wins the day as Iris voyages to the centre of the Earth, meets Zorro, Frank Reade and Fantomas and battles with Flash Rogers! Available here in hardback, and here in electronic format.

Twittering 04.05.2011

Iris has her very own Official Twitter Feed at @WildthymeNews. You should follow her, as well, obviously as the rest of the Iris-related Twitterati (ahem!): @stuartamdouglas, @paulmagrs, @cavanscott, @markrwright, @obversebooks

Audio Series 3 03.05.2011

'Big Finish is pleased to announce that everyone's favourite transtemporal adventuress, Iris Wildthyme, is to return for new adventures in 2012. Katy Manning will once again play Iris alongside her faithful companion Panda (David Benson), in three brand new stories written by Cavan Scott, Guy Adams and George Mann. But as we wait for her time-travelling bus to return, Auntie Iris wants to hear from you, her loyal fans. Every CD of series three will feature a special section where Iris Wildthyme answers your questions in person. And she's told us that she'll answer just about anything.' - Great line-up of writers there, with George Mann and Cav Scott having written brilliantly for Iris before, and Guy Adams increasingly seen as one of the coming big names on the book scene... Further information here!

Enter Wildthme Released 10.02.2011

Paul Magrs' new Iris novel, Enter Wildthyme is now available to purchase in hardback here and from the usual outlets.

Enter Wildthme Cover 06.11.10

New Books by Paul Magrs Announced 02.11.10

A busy week or two for Paul, with the appearance on Amazon of the first (I hope!) in a series of Iris Wildthyme novels from the excellent snowbooks, Enter Wildthyme; the announcement of a second new book series, commecing with 666 Charing Cross Road from Headline - described by Paul at a reading in Whitby as 'the New York adventures of Brenda's rougher younger sister' and (for the first time in 15 years) a new story featuring the Pheonix Court Iris Wildthyme in the latest Obverse Books short-story collection, Iris: Abroad, edited by Paul and Stuart Douglas.

Pre-orders of Enter Wildthyme and Iris: Abroad are, I suspect, welcome!

And in case you missed them, new audios from Big Finish featuring Katy Manning as Iris and Jo Grant, and from the BBC, featuring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor are now also available!

Iris Book 3 Announced 20.01.10

Obverse Books have announced the third book in their Iris Wildthyme series - Ms Wildthyme and Friends Investigate. Described as a set of four mystery novellas which, when combined also make one single mystery novel, the writing line-up is Cody Schell, Jim Smith, Nick Wallace and Stuart Douglas, with stories featuring Sir ArthurConan-Doyle's Professor Challenger, the Manleigh Halt Irregulars and Senor 105 as seen in previous Iris collections and - of course - Iris and Panda themselves.

The Claws of Santa 19.12.09

Copies of the latest Iris audio from Big Finish - The Claws of Santa - by Iris' producers Cavan Scott and MArk Wright - is now available for purchase from the Big Finish New World website.

Hell's Belles reviews 16.11.09

Reviews are coming in for Paul's new Brenda and Effie book (buy them if you like Iris!). 'Gloriously, zanily ludicrous ... unique, idiosyncratic and unclassifiable ... a cliffhanger that promises much in store. It can't come soon enough' (Guardian )

'The combined talents of Alan Bennett, Angela Carter and The League of Gentlemen' (Independent on Sunday )

'The concept is great ... Brenda is certainly a huge, larger-than-life character' (Financial Times )

and a lovely one from Book City Chick

The Panda Book of Horror now listed for pre-order 28.10.09

The second Iris Wildthyme short story collection from publishers Obverse Books, is now available for pre-order from the company website. With a horror theme and a cover which parodies the original Pan Book of Horror, the PBoH contains contributions from - amongst others - noted horror writer Mark Morris, tie-in stalwart Mark Michalowski and former Bernice Summerfield producer Simon Guerrier, the line-up is a strong one. Promise!

Hell's Belles now listed on Amazon 15.09.09

The excellent fourth Brenda and Effie book from publishers Headline Books, is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

New Paul Magrs website 22.08.09

Paul Magrs, creator of Iris Wildthyme, now has a website at, full of Iris extras, articles, additional information and general interest. Plus a blog and a competition to win a copy of his latest novel. Go and have a look now...

Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus in stock and available to buy 23.04.09

Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus, the first short story collection from publishers Obverse Books, is now available to buy from

Priced at 10.99, the book contains contributions from Paul Magrs, Philip Purser-Hallard, Cody Schell, Steve Lyons, Stuart Douglas and Steve Cole, amongst others and boasts a foreword by Katy Manning, and cover artwork by Doctor Who costume Designer, June Hudson.

New Iris Book Series 27.11.08

With the various Who books lines either disappearing or printing books aimed at a younger audience, we - that's Paul Magrs and I - decided that this would be a great time to launch a new more adult oriented Who-related fiction imprint, publishing officially licensed Iris Wildthyme books.

Everything's a little bit hush-hush at the moment, but the first book is going to be a short story collection entitled

'Iris Wildthyme and the Celestial Omnibus'

and will be published late next Spring. We're keeping authors names under our hats but expect lots of Who book luminaries to be announced over the coming few weeks

The aim is to use any profit from the short story collection to kick-off a series of twice yearly Iris novellas and they will only be available in a limited, numbered and autographed run. Don't worry though - they definitely won't be wildly expensive.

One thing we can announce is that June Hudson, legendary Who costume designer and the brains behind the famous season 18 costumes amongst many other things, has kindly agreed to do the cover art, about which we're both totally chuffed.

Further information will appear on, where you can currently sign up for our mailing list and so keep abreast of upcoming news...

New Brenda Novel Now Available 28.08.08

The third Brenda and Effie novel Conjugal Rites is now available for pre-order from the usual suspects. Comprising some of the events from the recent BBC7 radio series 'Never the Bride' plus approximately another medium-sized book's worth of totally new material, 'Conjugal Rites' is released in November in hardback, and next March in paperback.

New Brenda Novel 20.01.08

Apparently a third Brenda novel is nearing completion, though whether it follows on from the events of the radio series or from Something Borrowed remains to be seen.

Charity Anthology News 14.06.08

The Doctor Who charity anthology, Shelf Life, dedicated to the memory of Craig Hinton, who died in December 2006, has now been sent to the printers and should be released for sale in the next couple of months. The collection contains at least one Iris Wildthyme short story, plus a new story from Kate Orman, who previously contributed to Wildthyme on Top.

The Zygon Who Fell to Earth released 09.06.08

Paul's latest Big Finish audio play (originally entitled Trevor of the Zygons) is now available from Big Finish.

Dr Who 2008 Storybook 12.04.08

Paul has a story in the next Doctor Who storybook. Entitled 'Hello Children', it stars the Tenth Doctor and Donna from the BBC TV series.

Bride on BBC 13.03.08

Sadly the BBC have said, by email, that whilst the three Never the Bride BBC7 plays were warmly received they have no current plans to commission any more

Making up the first section of a now completed third Brenda novel, the plays were narrated in the first person by the character of Brenda, as played by the actress Joanna Tope (who also read that first Radio 4 story).".

Also starring Gareth Thomas of Blakes 7 fame it's a very funny story and highgly recommended listening. Hopefully a BBC CD release will follow in due course.

Book Signings 27.07.07

Paul (along with the Marks, Michalowski and Morris) will be signing copies of Sick Building at Tenth Planet and Forbidden Planet in London on 8th September, and will be appearing with the same Two Marks, BBC books overlord Justin Richards and ex-BBC Books editor, Steve Cole, at the Bath Children's Litfest on 28th September. Provisionally, Paul will also be at the Guildford Festival and in Whitby for Goth Hallowe'en Weekend. Not at the Edinburgh Festival though, which is a pest for those of us who live there.

Wishing Beast released 25.07.07

Paul's Sixth Doctor audio,The Wishing Beast will be on sale from the end of July. Current cheapest place to buy it is Amazon.

Bride on BBC 13.06.07

The BBC will be broadcasting a series of three original short plays, written by Paul and featuring Effie and Brenda from his hit novel, Never the Bride. More detail here.

New Books 11.05.07

The first review for Paul's new book, Twin Freaks, is now online (particularly impressive given that it doesn't come out until next month). The reviewer is generally pretty positive about it.

Like the reviewer I wasn't entirely sure about the idea behind this one but as he says 'Singing Siamese twin sisters' are a sure fire winner.

Also, the cover to Something Borrowed, the sequel to Never the Bride, is now on Amazon.

Finally, Paul has a short story in the Horror collection Phobic, from Comma Press. The collection is available from Amazon and also features Rob Shearman and Paul Cornell.

Scared of the Bungalow 01.03.07

It seems that Paul's TDA will not, in fact, now be called 'The Wicked Bunglaow', as Russell T Davies thinks that it might be a means by which some mysterious single-storey hating journo could criticise the BBC. Not the sexualisation of the Doctor throughout season 28 then, or the fact that he was responsible for the mess which was Torchwood?

A flurry of new Who 07.02.07

Following on from his BBC7 Doctor Who play, Horror of Glam Rock, Paul will be writing both two new Doctor Who stories for the Big Finish audio range and one of the official BBC news series novels to be released in September 2007.

The two audios will be released together in July 2007, and are titled The Wishing Beast (a 3 parter) and The Vanity Box (a single episode), both to star Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor.

Details of the audios can be found here.

Meanwhile, Paul's Tenth Doctor novel is provisionally entitled 'The Wicked Bungalow' (which is the best Doctor Who novel title ever), according to DWM.

Another award Nomination for Exchange 04.01.07

Paul Magrs has received a second award nomination for Exchange - this time for the prestigious Carnegie Medal.

June Hudson Images

June Hudson, famed designer of many Who costumes, including the Doctor's season 18 outfit, has a new website which includes her fabulous drawings for Mad Dogs and Englishmen.

Blue Angel Adaptation

Piers Britton, a Professor of Art History in the USA, has adapted The Blue Angel for stage. Grab a copy here...

Paul Interview

There's a new interview with Paul online at Amongst other info, it turns out that Paul hopes to do another Doctor Who book some day!

Iris Audios Released

Big Finish have now sent out copies of Wildthyme at Large and The Devil in Ms Wildthyme to subscribers. Both discs can be ordered from Big Finish.

Annotations to Minions of the Moon now online

Phil Purser-Hallard has put extensive notes and annotations to his Wildthyme on Top short story, 'Minions of the Moon' up on his website.