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who is paul magrs?

Shrouded in mystery really. According to the BBC, who published the books in which Iris has appeared and Big Finish who produce her audio plays, the character of Iris Wildthyme was created by the author and creative writing lecturer, Paul Magrs (pronounced Mars). So far, so straightforward.

But how does this square with the fact that the Virgin Doctor Who novel Love and War includes a character called Paul Magrs, an archaeologist?

Given that the author of Love and War, Paul Cornell, also introduced the character of Bernice Summerfield in that novel, isn't it at least possible that Paul Magrs is in fact a pseudonym for Mr Cornell and it was he who wrote the Iris novels?

Can it be entirely co-incidental that that other well known Doctor Who authoress, Ms Tara Samms, speaks in a decidely lower register than you might expect from any lady other than Bea Arthur and - it has been claimed - that Magrs and Samms are friends of many years standing?

Alternatively, perhaps the Paul Magrs of Love and War wrote the Iris novels and the fact that those novels play with ideas of meta-fiction and inter-textual references is merely a sly hint that the fictional character Iris Wildthyme is really the construct of the fictional character Paul Magrs?

Or could Magrs be the same Northerner who wrote some of the more spectacular magic realist novels of the past decade?

Could the same person have written Verdigris, Could it be Magic? and Never the Bride?

Maybe it's all true - maybe Iris actually exists and Paul Magrs is a far-future digger in the dirt. Who knows? One thing is for sure - Paul Magrs is unlikely to be a tall, slim academic, as he has in the past been described.

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