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Number 22 to Putney Common

    Number 22 to Putney Common


Entertaining Mr O - Paul Magrs


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Iris battles the mysterious Mr O and his animated anti-matter with the aid of the Brigadier, in a bedsit of all places!.


P52 - "Alistair sent you" - Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

P52 - "Not his unpaid scientific advisor?" - A position Iris also holds in Interference.

P52 - "I gather he was pensioned off rather suddenly...now he's a non-person living in a village in Wales" - Possibly the same Village as that which at one point held the so-called Prisoner, John Drake.

P52 - "Ministry equipment" - The Ministry of Defence is the government department in the United Kingdom which deals with security and the armed forces.

P52 - "anti-matter doesn't exist" - To be honest, we'd best hope that it does exist, or it's going to cause some basic problems with the way we view the Universe. For a quick introduction to the subject try this article

P52 - "my immensely long and rather glamorously breakneck career" - Hence this incarnation of Iris is one later on in her timeline. Maybe, like her friend the Doctor, her first incarnation lived for a long time?

P52 - "I was elderly Iris, burly and haggard" - Now, does that really sound like Beryl Reid?

P52 - "Tom, a human boy" - the same Tom as seen in Verdigris and the Big Finish audios, presumably.

P52 - "Soho" - In the 1970s, Soho was a somewhat seedy area of London, famed for what passed in England as a red light district. Having visited Soho as a 16 year old in 1985 I can attest that, by then, it was just very grubby and sad looking.

P52 - "bomber jacket" - a puffy sleeved short jacket, usually seen in green or black, rather than orange, beloved of the rougher element in the 1970s.

P52 - "the Tate" -The national gallery of British art, nowadays merely one of a series of Tates.

P52 - 1973 - It seems Iris replaced the Doctor as UNIT's scientific advisor.

P53 - "S.Foreman" - A reference to Susan Foreman, the Doctor's grand-daughter?

P53 - "his role as conductor" - In Britain in the 1970s, a conductor walked around public transport buses, collecting payment for tickets from new passengers.

P54 - Pierre Bonnard - Pierre Bonnard [1867-1947] was a French painter and member of the group known as the Nabis (Hebrew for "prophets"), who helped establish a new, modern style of decoration that was important for the emergence of Art Nouveau in the late 1890s, and who was famous for the Japanese influence on his paintings. An example of one of his works can be seen at this page.

P55 - Sisterhood of Karn - A group of mystical women, based on the planet Karn, and entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the Elixir, a liquid used by Time Lords to help them through difficult regenerations.

P55 - Morbius - Lord Morbius was a renegade Time Lord who rebelled against the rules of Gallifrey and raised an army with which to over-run the Galaxy. In one of the most ludicrous of the Doctor's many tall tales, he claims to have been the so-called Supremo who led the forces of good against Morbius (Warmonger). Morbius was in any case atomised by the Time Lords upon capture. The Doctor in his fourth incarnation is rumoured to have stumbled across Morbius' still living brain. Iris fought against Morbius' machinations in the Death Zone on Gallifrey in "Iris Wildthyme in 'Seven of Twelve'".

P55 - Demon's Rest - a reference to the Doctor's adventure The Daemons.

P55 - Benton - A sergeant in UNIT. This is presumably this incarnation of Iris' first meeting with John Benton.

P55 - Bond Street - A street in central London.

P55 - "a packet of digestives" - Digestive biscuits are a British standard. Produced by McVities, they are very nice in pairs with butter and cheese.

P55 - "Iris has got us out of a number of awful scrapes" - Although this is this Iris first meeting with Benton and the Doctor was UNIT's Scientific Advisor until this point, it seems that Iris had done the British Government a favour or two in the past.

P55 - Mary Queen of Scots - Mary [1542-1587] was daughter of King James V and a major player in British politics in the 16th century, representing the Catholic Stuarts against Queen Elizabeth I (who finally had her executed in 1587) and Protestantism. For a wildly excessive overview of her life, see this site.

P56 - plastic daffodils - a reference to Terror of the Autons in which the Nestene inhabited just such artificial flowers.

P56 - "slinky version" of Iris - One of the incarnations of Iris whom Benton has met would seem to be the Jane Fonda one.

Fonda Iris